Bright Ideas from the IBH Family of Companies

Behavioral-focused solutions for employers, health plans, and all types of human organizations.

Time-Tested Solutions

Employee Assistance Program

Reduce burnout, stress, conflicts, violence, and turnover. Support well being and life balance, while creating a respectful and and productive organization. 

Managed Behavioral Health

Manage complex cases that affect insurance premiums. Support physical and mental health, safety, attendance, and return-to-work during after episodes.

Monitoring & Testing

Hire and keep stable, qualified workers. Limit both human and financial risks by testing and monitoring impaired workers in safety-sensitive positions.

Condition Management

Coaches help people get and stay on track. Participants discover motivation,  recover from slips, and improve life quality when living with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes or COPD.

Wellness Program

Identify employees or members who need wellness support using an NCQA-certified health survey. Help people set and achieve health and lifestyle goals based on their personal needs.  

Time-Sensitive Solutions

Patient Engagement

Conduct customized communication campaigns targeting specific engagement goals to improve care and quality measures (IQR/star and HEDIS/NCQA). 

Inform, connect, remind, and persuade members about care resources through helpful conversations and IVR messages.

Opioid Management

Improve life quality, eliminate or minimize opioid dependency, and reduce medical and workers compensation claims costs through an integrated, multi-specialty, intense case management program for workers comp claimants with opioid use or abuse. 

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Resilience Skills Training

Develop resilient employees through personalized coaching and individual practice. Build a workforce skilled at recovering faster from personal and work challenges. 

Offer resilience to all employees, new hires, supervisors, or other targeted groups within your organization.  

About the IBH Family

Reaching Client Goals for Decades

Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) has over 29 years of experience delivering behavioral health, human performance, and population management solutions. Serving over 6.5 million lives nationally and globally, IBH pursues a common goal with customers to achieve healthy, safe, and productive employees and members. 

Regional Experts with Global Reach

IBH is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, with a family of independent, integrated companies positioned in key areas of the United States. As a result, customers have convenient access to an extended, national team of experts to solve demanding health, work performance, and care quality challenges.

The IBH Family of Companies includes Reliant Behavioral Health (RBH) and Quality Health Solutions (QHS) in Oregon, American Behavioral (AB) in  Alabama, and EAP Preferred (EAPP) in  Arizona. 

Personalized Customer Service for All Clients

Together, the IBH Family of Companies operates in both rural and urban areas, where people work and live, so we are never limited by geographical or technological boundaries. 

While IBH companies share systems and processes to control costs for customers, they also function independently to deliver personalized services based on regional needs and expectations.

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